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Silva Fennica 1926-1997
Acta Forestalia Fennica

Silva Fennica 1926-1997 vol. 1 no. 3 | 1967

Category: Article

article id 4755, category Article
Unto Väisänen. (1967). Puun korjuu. Silva Fennica vol. 1 no. 3 article id 4755.
Keywords: metsätalous
  • Väisänen, ORCID ID:E-mail:
article id 4754, category Article
Matti Leikola. (1967). Havaintoja erään hoidetun männikön tuulisuhteista. Silva Fennica vol. 1 no. 3 article id 4754.
  • Leikola, ORCID ID:E-mail:
article id 4753, category Article
Helge Johnsson. (1967). Olika vägar för rasmässig förbättring av vårt skogsodlingsmaterial. Silva Fennica vol. 1 no. 3 article id 4753.
  • Johnsson, ORCID ID:E-mail:
article id 4752, category Article
T. T. Kozlowski, S. Sasaki & J. H. Torrie. (1967). Effects of temperature on phytotoxicity of monuron, picloram, CDEC, EPTC, CDAA, and sesone to young pine seedlings. Silva Fennica vol. 1 no. 3 article id 4752.
  • Kozlowski, ORCID ID:E-mail:
  • Sasaki, ORCID ID:E-mail:
  • Torrie, ORCID ID:E-mail:
article id 4751, category Article
Ilmari Schalin. (1967). On the effect of nitrogen fertilization on the bacteria and microfungi in humus layer. Silva Fennica vol. 1 no. 3 article id 4751.
  • Schalin, ORCID ID:E-mail:

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