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O. J. Lukkala

Ojituksien kunnossapidosta sekä ojitettujen soiden metsien käsittelystä ja metsittämisestä.

Lukkala O.J. (1939). Ojituksien kunnossapidosta sekä ojitettujen soiden metsien käsittelystä ja metsittämisestä. Silva Fennica no. 52 article id 4567. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a13974

English title: Forest management of forests in drained peatlands and maintenance of ditch network.


Silva Fennica issue 52 includes presentations held in professional development courses, arranged for foresters working in public administration in 1938. The presentations focus on practical issues in forest management and administration, especially in regional level. The education was arranged by Forest Service.

This presentation discusses forest management practices of drained peatlands and the allocation of responsibilities in draining of peatlands between district forest officers and forest officers responsible of drainage work. Problems has occured in those cases, when the process of draining had lasted so long that at the time of final assessment of the project the first ditches have already needed maintenance.

Original keywords
metsänhoitajien jatkokurssit; metsäopetus; jatkokoulutus; ojitus; kunnostusojitus; metsänhoito; metsähallinto; valtion metsät

English keywords
professional development courses; forest education; drainage of peatlands; peatlands; state forests; maintenance; forest administration

Published in 1939

Available at https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a13974 | Download PDF

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