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Silva Fennica 1926-1997
Acta Forestalia Fennica

Metadata elements

This table describes the elements of metadata to be used in the description of research materials such as data and codes. The table is based on the work done in the Work Group “Description of research materials” under the Finnish Open Science Coordination.

Item Description Fulfils FAIR principle Responsible
Name of the data / code Unambiguous, descriptive name in the language of the material and in English. Findable Author
Author & ORCID Person or organisation that has produced the material. Write names in the format last name(s)1, first name(s)1, last name(s)2, first name(s)2, etc. Give also the ORCID for persons so that scientists with the same name can be identified. Findable, accessible, reusable, interoperable Author
Authors’ affiliation(s) Authors’ affiliation to the organisation, in which/with resources of which the material was produced. Give also the ROR of the organisation if possible. Findable Author
Owner of the material Name the owner(s) of the materials. If no transfer of rights is agreed, the author(s) own the material. Give ORCID for person(s) and ROR for organisation(s) that own the material. Reusable Author
Publisher The actor who has the right to publish the metadata, materials and/or description of the materials. This may be an archive, a repository or a research organisation. Give the ROR of the organisation if available. Findable, accessible Author
Funder The actor whose funding and/or resources were used for producing the materials. Give also the ROR of an organisation. Findable Author
Description Concise description (1-2 paragraphs) of the contents of the materials: Aim and objectives of the materials and use in research; components of the materials; research object and unit of observation. The description should make the material understandable and reusable by other scientists. Findable, reusable Author
Methods Write an abstract of your methods and provide a link to your article in Silva Fennica. Mention the used instruments, name the sampling and analysis methods, and programmes. Interoperable, reusable Author
Author keywords Free keywords that describe the materials and make them easy to find after publication. Findable Author
Vocabulary keywords (community standard) Keywords from controlled vocabularies and ontologies (general or disciplinary) that improve the findability of the material. Provide links to the vocabularies used e.g., the taxonomic database used for nomenclature. Findable Author
Discipline Field(s) of study to which the material is related. This is generally given by the repository as they use specific classifications. Findable Archive/Repository/Publisher
Type of material Describe the kind of research material deposited e.g., research data, analytical code, model code, interviews, video. Findable Author
Language Language of the materials. Use the three-letter abbreviation according to the ISO 639-2/3 standard. Findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable Author
Time range covered Time range that the material covers. Use the date format YYYY-MM-DD according to the ISO 8601 standard. If time is needed, use the format HH:MM:SS. Findable, interoperable Author
Geographic region Geographical region covered by the materials. If possible, use geographical names and coordinates according to the ISO standard or another machine-readable vocabulary. Findable, interoperable Author
Version If several versions of the material exist, provide a clear version number. Reusable Author
File format(s) Use generally used formats that are archivable and independent on (commercial) programmes, like .txt, .csv, .tiff, .mp4. Accessible, interoperable, reusable Author
Availability of the materials (open, embargo, registration, limited, registration required) Describe the accessibility of the materials. If access is restricted for an acceptable reason, describe it. If the material is commercial or an official database, describe how to buy or apply for access. Accessible, reusable Author
Justification for access restrictions If the material is not open, justify why the access is restricted/not allowed. Accessible, reusable Author
Licence A licence defines the conditions for reuse of the material. Silva Fennica requests the use of Creative Commons licences. Reusable Author
Connections with other research materials Relationship of the material with other research materials: 1) The material is derived from another material e.g., research data is derived from raw data (IsBasedOn), 2) The material is a part of another material (IsPartOf), 3) Other materials are connected to the material (HasPart). Findable, reusable Author
Connections to other products of research Publications and other products of research that are connected to the material. Provide the DOI of your article in Silva Fennica and other journals if the material is used in several articles. Findable, reusable Author
Personal data If the materials contain personal data, give the following information: 1) keeper of the registry, 2) does the material contain personal information on people related specific human groups (e.g., indigenous people) and if so, what. Accessible, reusable Author
Confidential or secret data Does the material contain confidential or secret information e.g., confidential business information or sensitive species information? Accessible, reusable Author
Publication date Date of publication in an archive or repository. Findable, interoperable Archive/Repository/Publisher
Preservation policy Decision and plan for preserving the material permanently or for a specific time. Justify why this decision was made. Please note that the author is responsible on removing the material after the predefined preservation time. Accessible, reusable Author
Permanent identifier (PID) Unambiguous, permanent identifier of the material. The identifier may be DOI, URN or accession number. Findable, accessible, reusable Archive/Repository/Publisher

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