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Silva Fennica 1926-1997
Acta Forestalia Fennica

Silva Fennica

The journal

Silva Fennica is a scientific online journal, which publishes significant new knowledge on forest sciences. The scope covers research on forestry and forest ecosystems. Silva Fennica aims to increase understanding on forest ecosystems, and sustainable use and conservation of forest resources.

The journal carries original research articles, review articles, research notes, discussion papers and commentaries.

The journal is published by the Finnish Society of Forest Science, a learned society established in 1909 to stimulate scientific discussion and cooperation within the forest research community, to enhance communication between researchers and practical foresters, and to promote public interest in forest research.

ISSN-L 0037-5330
ISSN 2242-4075 (Online)

Everyone’s Right to Forest Science

Everyone’s right is a customary right in Nordic Countries, which ensures open access to forests for all. The right includes, e.g. camping, berry picking, and enjoying the nature. In the spirit of this millennial tradition, we in Silva Fennica think that access to forest science should not be restricted by pay-walls but be open to everyone. Silva Fennica has offered open access to full-text articles since 1998. All content in this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

Openness and transparency

Research data and computer codes used for analysing them are important products of scientific research. Only open data make a study really reproducible. Value of the data collected for solving a particular research problem may gain new value over time. New analytical methods may reveal phenomena that the original data analysis missed. Accumulation of data on a particular field makes global reanalyses possible. Open data offer also new cooperation possibilities for scientists, research groups and organisations. All this calls for data openness and reliable description, or metadata, of it. Based on these considerations, Silva Fennica requests that data and analytical codes, on which manuscripts submitted to the journal are based, must be opened. This request concerns manuscripts that will be submitted on or after 1 February 2024. Authors who feel that they have justified reasons for not opening of the data, must agree on the exception before submission with the Editor-in-Chief or the Managing Editor. Metadata of the research data must be unconditionally open even when the data themselves are not.

Data will be requested to be opened following the FAIR principles, which guide the data to be opened so that they are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Read new Authors instructions for more information.

Article Processing Charge of Silva Fennica

Article processing charge (APC) of Silva Fennica is classified according to the income class of the manuscript’s country of origin. The classes are based on the World Bank’s country income classification:

  • High-income countries: 900 €
  • Upper-middle income countries: 600 €
  • Lower-middle income and low income countries: free

In order to benefit from the reduced APC or the APC-waiver, both the first author and the corresponding author must work in a research organisation based on a country of the given income class. We will check the World Bank classification on the date of submission.

Check journal policies for more information.

Publication schedule

Articles published in Silva Fennica are assigned to volumes and issues. That notwithstanding, new articles are posted on the website as soon as they are in their final form. These latest articles can be accessed via the link at Under compilation in the left column.

The site

On the Silva Fennica website, you have open access to tables of contents, abstracts, and full-text articles in PDF or html format. Full-text PDF files are available from 1913 on, and full-text articles in html from 2013 on.

Digitised archives contain articles published in Silva Fennica 1926 – 1997, and all articles published in Acta Forestalia Fennica from 1913 to 1999, when it was merged to Silva Fennica. Archives are multilingual with English, German, and Finnish being the most common languages. Metadata for all articles are available in English.

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