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Silva Fennica 1926-1997
Acta Forestalia Fennica

Silva Fennica no. 118 | 1966

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article id 4729, category Article
Puutavaranmittauskomitea. (1966). Puutavaranmittauskomitean mietintö : Osamietintö I. Silva Fennica no. 118 article id 4729.
English title: Report of timber scaling committee.
Original keywords: komiteanmietinnöt; puukauppa; puutavaranmittaus; puutavaranmittauslaki
English keywords: legislation; wood sales; timber sales; timber scaling; Timber Scaling Act
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A Timber Scaling Committee was appointed by the Government of Finland in 1959, commissioned with the regulations concerning the scaling of timber and to draw a proposal for their amendments. The commission suggest revision of the regulations in their entire extent. The largest alterations should be made in the act which incorporates the provisions concerning the actual technical methods of procedure in measuring. Thus, also amendments were also posed for the Timber Scaling Law and the law concerning the scaling of timber for the purpose of paying wages.

The inclusion of the setting of the grades and quantities are considered important, since most of the disagreements occurring in measuring are concerned with quality of the timber. Inside of the sphere of application of the law would also be settling of the problems of the quality, and the measuring procedure, also when measuring for the purpose of paying wages.

According to the bill, the necessary number of official scalers and scaling boards would be appointed. The duties of the present officers would be changed. In the boards would be presented sellers, buyers, employers and employees besides the chairman. The freedom of contract in the scaling of timber will be preserved from the present law.

The report includes a bill for the Timber scaling Act, a draft for the timber scaling act, and a draft for an act which includes the timber scaling rules.

The PDF includes a summary in English.

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