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Paavo Jokinen (email)

Havaintoja valtion metsämailla suoritetusta asutustyöstä

Jokinen P. (1939). Havaintoja valtion metsämailla suoritetusta asutustyöstä. Silva Fennica no. 49 article id 4570. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a9073

English title: Observations on settlement in the state forests in Finland


An act passed by the government of Finland in 1922 prescribed that state-owned forest lands will be parcelled out to landless population. A survey was made in 1934-1935 by Forest Service (Metsähallitus) to investigate the success of the establishment of settlements, and which disadvantages it may have had in forestry in the state forests. In the survey 1,194 farms were inspected.

According to the directives of settlement, the farms should be able support a family of four adults. The area of arable land was in average 5-15 hectares. In addition, the farm should have pasture and forest enough to supply it most of the household timber. According to the study, the regulations had been applied variably. Usually the farms had been given more land than was required. It was estimated that farms had been given 110,000 hectares more forest land for gathering household timber than required in the act. Many farms had sold timber, in some cases to that extent it endangered supply of household timber.

Parcelling out land had affected the management of state forests. If a region had surrendered large forest areas for settlement, it could not follow its cutting plan. Also, there was relatively little state-owned forests in southern Finland, and the effects of parcelling out land were stronger. The report concludes that in general it was not appropriate to parcel out forest land. The execution of settlement should have beeb given to Forest Service.

The article includes a German summary.

Original keywords
valtionmetsät; maatalous; puukauppa; kotitarvepuu; asutustilat; maan lunastus; metsätulot; metsienhoito

English keywords
forestry; state forests; agriculture; settlement; parcelling out land; farms; timber sales

Published in 1939

Views 1868

Available at https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a9073 | Download PDF

Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0

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