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V. T. Aaltonen

Über die Ausbreitung und den Reichtum der Baumwurzeln in den Heidewäldern Lapplands

Aaltonen V.T. (1920). Über die Ausbreitung und den Reichtum der Baumwurzeln in den Heidewäldern Lapplands. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 14 no. 1 article id 7034. https://doi.org/10.14214/aff.7034

English title: The distribution and abundance of the tree roots in the heathy forests on Lapland.


The study presents and describes the abundance and distribution of tree roots in specific stands of heathy forest types in Lapland. The data was collected in the Sodankylä commune.  

Due to the shortcomings in the data, conclusions can be drawn only regarding pine forests. The result of study states that the root competition plays an important role in the development of the forests, and most of the other observed phenomena are linked with root competition. The more infertile the soil the vertically and horizontally wider and more abundant the root system. It seems that the abundance of the root system is similar in forest of same fertility class and same density and age.      

Original keywords
Heide; Heidewald; Baumwurzeln; Wurzelkonkurrenz; Wurzelwettbewerb; Wurzelsystem; Kiefer

English keywords
heath; heathy forests; tree root; root competition; rootage; root system; pine

Published in 1920

Available at https://doi.org/10.14214/aff.7034 | Download PDF

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