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A. Benj. Helander (email)

Metsätalouden tarjoamasta ansiotyöstä

Helander A. Benj. (1923). Metsätalouden tarjoamasta ansiotyöstä. Silva Fennica vol. 26 no. 1 article id 7089. https://doi.org/10.14214/aff.7089

English title: Employment in the forestry in Finland


Work in the forestry, for instance, in logging operation during winter, has been important source of employment for the rural population in Finland. The study is based on statistics of forest work, felling, felled timber, workforce and horses used in the forest work in the state forests, published in the annual reports of Metsähallitus (Forest Service) in 1911-1913. The administrative and silvicultural work, for instance, sowing and planting, clearing of the felling area, building forest roads or work in the nurseries, range from 20% to 22% of all work done in the forestry. Major part of the work time is used in felling. To harvest one cubic meter of timber requires 0.3 man-days and 0.2 horse-days. The work is seasonal; felling work is available for about 90-100 days a year. Forest haulage is possible only in the winter, and for instance sowing and planting in the summer. The employees have secondary jobs in agriculture and in other sectors.

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Original keywords
Metsähallitus; valtion metsät; metsätyö; työvoima; metsäkuljetus; hakkuutyö; hevosajo

English keywords
logging; forest haulage; employment; Forest Service; state forests; forest work; horse hauling

Published in 1923

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