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M. Lappi-Seppälä (email)

Tutkimuksia männyn ja koivun runkomuodosta

Lappi-Seppälä M. (1936). Tutkimuksia männyn ja koivun runkomuodosta. Silva Fennica vol. 44 no. 4 article id 7332. https://doi.org/10.14214/aff.7332

English title: Studies on stem forms of Scots pine and Betula sp.


The stem form influences the value and volume of the stem. Sample trees in homogenous mixed stand of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Betula sp. were measured to define the stem form of the trees, and to develop research methods. The height of butt swelling and the turning point of taper curve varies greatly. In Scots pine and Betula sp. it was typically between the 2/10 and 3/10 height of the tree. Consequently, the theoretical normal curves describing stem form, where the turning point of taper curve is situated under the breast height diameter, are not entirely generally applicable. There was a correlation between the base curve and the form of actual taper curve of the stem. The form of the top of the stem depends on the structure and dimensions of the crown. The most reliable measuring point to define taper curve would be a diameter that is above butt swelling, near the turning point of the taper curve. Length of the crown can be used to deduce the form of the top of the stem. According to the study, the volume tables could be based on diameter on breast height, slenderness of the stem (D0,25h:h) and length of the crown. Age of the tree and position in the stand influence stem form, but the forest site type seemed not to have clear effect on the stem form.

The PDF includes a summary in German.

Original keywords
runkomuoto; runkokäyrä; Scots pine; tyvilaajenema

English keywords
taper curve; stem curve; butt swelling

Published in 1936

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