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Viljo Holopainen

Metsätalouden edistämistoiminta Suomessa : Tapio 1907-1957.

Holopainen V. (1957). Metsätalouden edistämistoiminta Suomessa : Tapio 1907-1957. Silva Fennica no. 94 article id 4667. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a14126

English title: Promotion of private forestry in Finland, Tapio 1907-1957.


For many decades Finland’s forest policy has been focused on private forestry, accounting for approximately 60% of Finland’s forest area. The objective has been to regulate forest management by legislation and to promote private forestry. The aim of the study was to explore the role of the Central Forestry Association Tapio in promoting private forestry.

A detailed synthesis of Tapio’s 50 years long history and activities is drafted. According to the three forest inventories (in 1921-24, 1936-37 and 1951-53), big improvements have been made in cutting methods, mainly in the sense that selective cuttings have decreased. The condition of private forests is, however, not as good as that of the state and company forests. Improvements introduced in the legislation in 1928 have had great influence in forestation and drainage of peatlands in private forests. The private forests, however, suffer from a lack of planning.

Through Intensified forest policy it has been possible to ensure supply of roundwood for forest industry. An efficient information service on timber markets have been organized, and the measurement of roundwood has been standardized. Progress in the promotion of forestry has suffered from unfavourable trends in forestry, mainly from the nearly doubling of the number of forest holdings in the present century and from the contraction of their size.

The article includes an English summary.

Original keywords
historia; Tapio; Keskusmetsälautakunta Tapio; metsätalous; yksityismetsät

English keywords
forestry; promotion of forestry; Finland; Central Forestry Association Tapio; Tapio; private forests

Published in 1957

Available at https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a14126 | Download PDF

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