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Lasse Lovén (email)

Maisemanhoitomallien käyttö metsätalouden maan aluevaraussuunnittelussa

Lovén L. (1974). Maisemanhoitomallien käyttö metsätalouden maan aluevaraussuunnittelussa. Silva Fennica vol. 8 no. 3 article id 4906. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a14750

English title: Regional landscape planning of forest areas


The study deals with economic significance of forest landscape planning models used in regional planning in Finland. The »judge»-method is used among professional foresters working on private forestry boards in Southern Finland to define their view of what would be moderate level of costs of landscape management for private forest owners. A sample of 154 forest professionals working in district forestry boards in Southern Finland was sent a sociological questionnaire.

It was possible to form three hierarchical moderation classes by statistical grouping of judgement distributions. Prolongations in rotation ages and restrictions concerning ditching of forested bogs, forest read building and clear-cutting were considered the most immoderate models. Rather or wholly insignificant were evaluated such management models, which mean restrictions in »old fashioned» methods or which are already used in practice.

The PDF includes a summary in English.

Original keywords
metsänhoito; metsänhoitajat; maisemanhoito; asennetutkimus; metsien monikäyttö; puuntuotanto; metsämaisema

English keywords
forest management; Finland; landscape planning; timber production; landscape management; multiple use of forests; forest landscape; attitude studies

Published in 1974

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Available at https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a14750 | Download PDF

Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0

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