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article id 7368, category Article
Aimo Kaarlo Cajander. (1942). J. P. Norrlinin nuoruusvuodet : professori Norrlinin omien muistiinpanojen pohjalla. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 50 no. 15 article id 7368.
English title: Adolescence of professor J.P. Norrlin.
Original keywords: muistelmat; Johan Petter Norrlin; kasvitieteilijä
English keywords: memoir; botanist
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The article describes the adolescence and the birth of his interest in botany of well-known Finnish botanist, professor Johan Petter Norrlin, born in 1842, specialized in Hieracium species.

  • Cajander, E-mail: ac@mm.unknown (email)
article id 7100, category Article
Aimo Kaarlo Cajander. (1923). Commemorative speech in honor of Johan Peter Norrlin, given in the meeting of the “Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters” on May 10th 1918. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 23 no. 1 article id 7100.
Keywords: Johan Petter Norrlin; biography; memoir
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The here published speech of Cajander presents the academic career of J. P. Norrlin as a researcher, teacher and influential person in the Finnish scientific society. It also sheds light on Norrlin’s person and thoughts. The highlights of his scientific merits are presented. There are many extracts of his correspondence included in the article that describe Norrlin’s thoughts and interest. 

  • Cajander, E-mail: ac@mm.unknown (email)

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