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article id 7447, category Article
A. Jänterä. (1954). "Metsälehti" metsätaloudellisen valistustyön välineenä. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 61 no. 35 article id 7447.
English title: “Metsälehti” as a means of forest information in Finland.
Original keywords: metsätalous; metsänomistajat; valistus; Metsälehti; tiedotus
English keywords: forestry; forest owners; communication; awareness education
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Periodicals connected with forestry profession have been published in Finland since 1888. The earliest paper, Suomen Metsänhoitolehti, ceased to appear in 1893, and was succeeded in 1895-1907 by Metsänystävät, published by the Finnish Forestry Association. In 1908-32 the Finnish Forest Association Tapio published a monthly periodical called Tapio, which was succeeded in 1933 by Metsälehti, dealing with forest management.

The paper Tapio focused particularly on the improvement of private forestry, and increasing interest in rational forestry and forest utilization. Its predecessor Metsälehti has even published official notices and specialist articles for the whole branch. The circulation of the paper has increased from about 8,000 copies in 1933 to 38,700 copies in 1953. Almost 90% of the subscribers are forest owners, and the rest forest professionals.

The Acta Forestalia Fennica issue 61 was published in honour of professor Eino Saari’s 60th birthday.

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  • Jänterä, E-mail: aj@mm.unknown (email)
article id 7425, category Article
Emil Vesterinen. (1954). Metsämainostuksen rakenteesta. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 61 no. 13 article id 7425.
English title: The structure of promotion of forestry.
Original keywords: metsänhoito; metsätalous; valistus; metsänhoidon edistäminen
English keywords: forest management; forestry; promotion; propaganda
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The goal of improving forest management and doubling the yield of forests in Finland is a great task that requires law, encouragement, written propaganda, practical advice and purposeful work in the forests. In addition, it requires idealistic promotion and education of the citizens. The article discusses the nature and scope of forest propaganda. Different means of forest propaganda and promotion, such as lectures, films, newspapers, magazines, forest literature, stamps, placards and posters, excursions, exhibitions, fairs, forests along the main roads, competitions, education of youth etc are discussed, and their usefulness assessed.

The Silva Fennica issue 61 was published in honour of professor Eino Saari‘s 60th birthday.

The PDF includes a summary in English.

  • Vesterinen, E-mail: ev@mm.unknown (email)

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