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E. J. Koskenmaa. (1951). Koneiden käyttö tie- ja uittoväylärakennuksilla. Silva Fennica vol. no. 69 article id 4604.
English title: Use of machines in construction of roads and floating channels.
Original keywords: metsäopetus; uitto; metsänhoitajien jatkokurssit; tienrakennus; jatkokoulutus; metsätiet; uittoväylät; vesirakennus; koneellistaminen
English keywords: mechanization; forest education; floating; forest roads; floating channels; road costruction; hydraulic engineering
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Silva Fennica Issue 69 includes presentations held in 1948-1950 in the fourth professional development courses, arranged for foresters working in the Forest Service. The presentations focus on practical issues in forest management and administration, especially in regional level. The education was arranged by Forest Service.

This presentation discusses opportunities to increase the use of working machines, such as tractors, in construction of roads and floating channels, which have been little used in Finland. The presentation summarizes the machines available and their use based on experiences in Sweden.

  • Koskenmaa, E-mail: ek@mm.unknown (email)
article id 4532, category Article
E. J. Koskenmaa. (1938). Hoitoalueen talous ja tieverkosto. Silva Fennica vol. no. 46 article id 4532.
English title: Economy of a regional district and road network.
Original keywords: valtionmetsät; Metsähallitus; metsäopetus; metsänhoitajien jatkokurssit; tienrakennus; hoitoalueet; tienrakennuskustannukset; metsätiet; tieverkosto
English keywords: Forest Service; forest education; state forests; professional development courses; road network; forest road; road construction; district
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Silva Fennica issue 46 includes presentations held in professional development courses, arranged for foresters working in public administration in 1937. The presentations focus on practical issues in forest management and administration, especially in regional level. The education was arranged by Forest Service. 

This presentation summarises the state of road network in districts of Forest Service, the costs of road construction and future needs of transport.

  • Koskenmaa, E-mail: ek@mm.unknown (email)

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