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Silva Fennica 1926-1997
Acta Forestalia Fennica

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article id 4662, category Article
Olavi Linnamies. (1957). Metsämaan tuottoarvon laskeminen. Silva Fennica no. 92 article id 4662.
English title: Calculation of yield in terms of value of forest land.
Original keywords: valtionmaat; Metsähallitus; metsäopetus; asutustoiminta; jatkokoulutus; asutustilat; tuottoarvo; maanhankinta; maanlunastus; metsämaan arvo
English keywords: forest land; Forest Service; forest education; state forests; settlement; settlement farms; land purchase; land value; yield on terms of value
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Silva Fennica Issue 92 includes presentations held in 1956 in the 8th professional development courses, arranged for forest officers working in the Forest Service. The presentations focus on practical issues in forest management and administration, especially in regional level. The education was arranged by Forest Service.

This presentation concerns the evaluation of forest land to be surrendered for a settlement farm. According to the Settlement Act, state land surrendered for settlement purposes should fetch the price that any sensible buyer would pay in buying the land. The prices used in evaluation are, however, still the prices of 1944. A new method for calculating the yield in terms of value of forest land has been developed by professor Yrjö Ilvessalo, based on the König-Faustman formula. This method is described in Tapio Forestry Manual.

  • Linnamies, E-mail: ol@mm.unknown (email)

Category : Article

article id 7436, category Article
E. Salo. (1954). Puiden teknillinen vikaisuus ja sen vaikutus puuston arvoon. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 61 no. 24 article id 7436.
English title: Technical defects of trees and their effect upon timber value.
Keywords: growing stock; settlement; land purchase; land value; defects of trees; Land Reclamation Act; reduction of value
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In acquiring land for the population displaced by the Second World War, the forest had to be priced, according to the Land Reclamation Act of 1945, separately for land and timber. Technical defects in the growing stock were to be taken account in the form of a total reduction in the value of the stock. Generally, it was to be 5-15% of the total value. The present investigation aims at checking the reduction percentages.

When the reduction in the felling value of the growing stock caused by the defects is estimated, the reduction is defined for each timber assortment, and the total reduction is calculated from these values. The timber assortments have big variation in prices, therefore defects in the most valuable assortments can have big effect on the total value of the growing stock. According to the study, the decree implementing the Land Reclamation Act did not in some cases allow for price reductions for defects on a sufficiently small scale to correspond to real conditions.

The Acta Forestalia Fennica issue 61 was published in honour of professor Eino Saari’s 60th birthday.
The PDF includes a summary in English.

  • Salo, E-mail: es@mm.unknown (email)
article id 7379, category Article
Paavo Harve. (1947). Puunjalostusteollisuutta ja puutavarakauppaa harjoittavien yhtiöiden maan hankinta Suomessa. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 52 no. 1 article id 7379.
English title: Land purchases of wood manufacturing industry and companies operating on timber sales in Finland.
Original keywords: metsämaa; maan hankinta; puunjalostusteollisuus; maakaupat
English keywords: forest land; land purchases; forest manufacturing industry; sale of land
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The article is a report of land purchases of wood manufacturing industry, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland in 1935. Second World War postponed publishing of the report. The land purchases of wood manufacturing industry, especially farms with agricultural land, was considered a concern in the end of 19th century, because it caused social problems related to landless people. To solve the problem, the government of Finland enacted in 1915 an act that restricted land purchase of the companies. The aim of this report was to collect statistics on the extent of the land purchases.

According to the investigation, forest manufacturing industry and companies operating on timber sales intensified land purchases in 1890s. After 1894 the companies purchased 80,000-100,000 ha land yearly. When the regulations restricting purchases of land came into act in 1915, the companies evaded the regulations by using private people or other companies to buy the land. Still, the annual purchases decreased to in average 21,000 ha in 1915-1936. The companies were still allowed to buy forest land when it did not affect agriculture in the farm. During and after the war the land purchases were interrupted. The report concludes that the regulations have worked as expected, and suggests some improvements in the legislation.

The PDF includes a summary in German.

  • Harve, E-mail: ph@mm.unknown (email)
article id 7032, category Article
August Renvall. (1919). Program för utredningen af industrins jordförfärf. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 13 no. 1 article id 7032.
English title: Statistical studies on land purchase of forest companies in Finland I.
Keywords: forest policy; Finland; statistics; land purchase; forest industries
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The article includes a program for an investigation concerning land purchases by the forestry companies in Finland, requested by the Finnish Forest Association in 1917. The paper draws detailed principles for collecting a comprehensive, accurate and objective information of land purchases of the industry, as well as land holdings, farms and forest lands owned by the companies. Finally, it gives suggestions on how to correct the observed problems in the land purchase, and how to balance the conflicts of interests between the different branches.  

The PDF includes a summary in German. 

  • Renvall, E-mail: ar@mm.unknown (email)

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